SAW Design Consulting

Because the resonance frequency of a SAW device is not simply given by the distance between IDT fingers. There is more going on between two reflectors than that. Fingers have lengths, mass, stiffness, etc. New materials, specifications and production processes make design a non trivial task.

We can support your project simply with design services. Or if you already have a toolchain to do so for yourself: We can help you with proof of concept implementation of new features for your tooling, e.g. material data extraction for thin films. Externalize R&D for new features with proof of concept software implementation by us. Contact us and we can discuss your resonator, delay line, or other project requiring finite element/Comsol -simulation!



No matter if filter or sensor, if you need to update your existing design to a new material for r...

Proof of concept Software

If you require new features for your toolchain the development time for these mostly will flow in...