Passive Wireless Sensing

We bring situational awareness to your industrial processes. Temperature and pressure sensing are in any high temperature processes necessary to improve efficiency, yield, to increase the lifetime of gear or to improve your predictive maintenance. If you cannot put a cabled sensor into your equipment and a battery driven wireless sensor node is not feasible, options become limited. Sensawtious can offer custom made wireless passive sensors with readout distance of a few meters. These sensors can, by not containing electronics or batteries, survive harsh environments with high or low temperatures (-80°C - 700°C), environments that are chemically corrosive, but also with vibrations, rotations, high acceleration etc. This makes our Technology perfect for energy storage or production environments or outer space where extreme temperatures, pressure and radiation are common.

What does Sensawtious offer?

We can do a feasibility study for your process to incude wireless passive sensing. We can design and help to integrate a matching sensor and reader combination for your application. We can provide a bridge from the reader to any protocol required (e.g. MQTT, UDP etc.).



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Passive Sensor

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